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Silesia Park

zdjecie glowneFor the last 65 years SILESIA PARK in Chorzow has been admired as an unsurpassed oasis of green in the heart of Silesian agglomeration in Poland's most industrialized and populated region. For more than six decades strollers, tourists, nature lovers, sport fans and senior citizens have all been able to enjoy what the park has to offer.

Silesia Park lies on the border of the cities Siemianowice Śląskie, Chorzów and Katowice and is spread over an area of 620 hectares. Forested areas cover 250ha and 100ha are tended greens and parklands. Ponds, streams, numerous species of trees and shrubs as well as extensive greens form a friendly refuge for wild animals (mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles), which live in this unique area adjoining the inhabitants of the Silesian ZOO.

SILESIA PARK offers a wide diversity of tourist attractions and entertainment areas. What a great experience to start your visit to the park at the Silesia Planetarium show room ! After a space trip among the stars and planets come back to earth and take a walk across the park. Step back in time at the Silesian Ethnographic Park and the areas around the "Kapelusz" (The Hat) Exhibition Hall, where Silesian architecture dating back 60 to 160 years ago will give you a real picture of life in times gone by. You can also have a quick look at the legendary Silesia Stadium (currently being reconstructed) – the famous arena of the historic victories of Polish national football team.

Standing in front of the stadium you can't miss the park's newest attraction – the cable railway Elka. Choose between a comfortable, roofed car or a 6-person sofa and enjoy the beautiful scenery on a ride 15 meters above the ground. Close to Elka's Amusement Park station you will find the Silesia Rope Park where your climbing talent can be challenged before your next trip to Himalaya. The Silesia Amusement Park, in turn, offers children and adults the opportunity to have great fun and a big variety of attractions. Numerous restaurants and cafes located in the park deserve your visit. Two locally acclaimed clubs: "Leśniczówka" (The Forester's Shelter) and The Rebel Garden will welcome you with live music and good beer. A well-developed hotel infrastructure, close proximity to the A4 Motorway and the DTS Central Express Road as well as an easy access by tram or bus from the centres of Katowice or Chorzow will make visiting the Silesia Park a breeze.

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