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Rosarium (Rose Garden)

ROSARIUM 09The Rosarium was opened on June 24th,1968 along with the official opening of the first International Rose Exhibition. Around 300 sorts of roses (10-15 plants from each sort) were planted and donated mostly by Polish and European growers. Seven hectares of land were transformed into honeycomb shaped flower-beds. Nearby, in the vicinity of several vast lawns other flower-beds were located. Each of them contained 300 -1500 roses of the same sort. There are also miniature and rambling roses displayed in the Rosarium.

The charm and beauty of the Rosarium is nicely enhanced by picturesque trees and ponds with blooming lilies. While walking across the Rosarium don't miss the sculpture of the running dear and the Karolinka and Karlik bench. Admiring the sculpture of the couple seating on the bench learn about the famous Silesian folk legend. Karolinka was a rich millerwoman, whereas Karlik was a poor forester, who had fallen in love with her at first sight.

Overcoming many obstacles, Karlik followed Karolinka all the way to Gogolin, fuelled by nothing but a small flask of wine. Love conquered all and their story became one of the most popular Silesian traditional songs. The statue commemorating this pair in the Rosarium is a wonderful photo opportunity for those in love or those about to fell in love.

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