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Silesian Ethnographic Museum

thumb PARK 0326The Silesian Ethnographic Park was opened in 1975. Set on 20-hectares of Silesia Park ground, this open air rural architecture museum is made up of mostly 19th and 20th century cottages and other wooden constructions transferred from silesian and highland villages and recreated in the vicinity of the Silesia Stadium.

There are 102 buildings displayed within the area of the museum. The main attractions include: the St Joseph the Worker Church, wooden cottages, granaries, roadside chapels, a windmill, a barn, blacksmith's shops, water and wind mills, rural tools, stoves, a village school, a tannery and even a rural jail. The tavern "U Brozka" serves regional dishes in a wooden building located in the shade of several spectacular chestnut trees.

The museum is also known as a historic research center and offers various educational programs. The rural school building hosts lessons and the interiors of many other buildings hold thematic exhibitions of tools, accessories, home fittings and furniture dating from the past two centuries. Variety of open-air events, festivals, concerts, rural dressing and customs presentations bring a great overview of the rich and diverse folkloristic and cultural heritage of central Silesia, the Silesian Beskid Mountains and the Dąbrowski Basin.

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