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Silesian Rope Park

MINI PARK09One of the Silesia Park newest and most exciting attractions. The Silesia Rope Park is located near the Silesia Amusement Park and Elka cable car station. Visitors of all ages are welcome. Adventure and adrenaline lovers from 3 to103 will revel along the obstacle course with three routes of varying difficulty to choose from. There are double-rope bridges, platforms, ladders, nets and eight flying foxes.

The rope park hangs on 26 wooden posts. The total length of all the rope courses is 710m. The youngest visitors conquer the junior rope course under the guidance of experienced instructors. All climbing enthusiasts are equipped with safety helmets, gloves and a special harness ensuring dual-protection and preventing falls from even the lowest height. Prior to the conquest of the rope park and for safety reason, all visitors have to complete a short mandatory instruction.

Opening Hours:

Spring/Summer (March - October) season: 10.00 – 20.00

During the winter season the rope park may open for booked groups (min. 8 persons).

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