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For Nature-lovers

PARK 0330T\here are 14 ponds in the park covering a total of 18 hectares and 2 - 4 m deep. All the ponds are naturally replenished with rainwater, water seepage and the gravitational circulation of water along a specially designed system of canals and streams. The ponds scattered throughout the park host a whole variety of flora and fauna. The two small ponds located near the Silesia Planetarium serve as a home to a large community of snails, including the great ramshorn snail.

Standing on the shore and looking into the water you may also spot frogs, toads, a silver Prussian carp or one of the largest beetles in Poland – the great diving beetle hunting even for tadpoles. Strolling through the park don't miss the Big Pond and the Hutnik Pond hosting wild birds (swans, ducks, etc.) and a big variety of fish attracting many local anglers.

For nature lovers visiting the park, The Rosarium is a must. In the late 60-ties a catalogue published in Calcutta by the Indian Rose Federation listed our Rosarium as one of the world's 35 most beautiful rose gardens. The idea to create a collection of around 30 000 rose bushes and plants in Silesia Park came from the Polish Association of Rose-lovers in 1964. The Rosarium was opened in June 1968 in conjunction with the International Rose Exhibition. Approximately 300 sorts of roses (10-15 plants per each sort) were donated to the park by Polish and European growers. Seven hectares of land were transformed into a honeycomb of flower-beds (7 m2) grouped by type and sort. Besides, more flower-beds (each containing 300-1500 rose bushes of the same sort) were installed nearby. Apart from the floribunda roses the Rosarium hosts standard roses, miniature roses as well as the rambling plants living on specially designed metal constructions and forming spectacular pyramids of roses. The picturesque scenery of the Rosarium is completed by hedges of shrubs (barberry and ligustrum), birch trees and rare conifers (spruce, thuja and yews).

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