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With the kids


Silesia Park is a great and friendly place for kids of all ages. I is a perfect destination both for babies traveling in strollers and school children. A healthy, all year round walk in the park may combine a useful, outdoor pastime with pro-ecological education, promotion of sport and a lot of fun. Silesia Park offers a great opportunity to learn about the nature and even the wild life. It is quite easy to spot squirrels and a whole variety birds living in the park. It you are lucky, even a boar, roe-deer or a hare may give you a chance for a quick glance.

A walk in the park – the „Kids' route"

1. START at the foot of Poland's only three-legged GIRAFFE – one of Silesia Park's most distinctive symbols.

2. Walk along the Giraffe Alley towards the Silesian ZOO's main entrance. Welcome to Silesia ZOO ! While visiting the residents of the ZOO don't miss the famous Valley of the Dinosaurs and the new playground for kids including the breathtaking climbing wall dedicated to the future alpinists.

3. When you get back to the General Zietek Promenade, choose one of these two options:

a) take a several-hundred meters walk to the Silesia Amusement Park and the nearby Silesia Rope Park. At the end of the Zientek's Promenade you will find yourself standing in front of the ELKA cable car terminal. Consider a round trip to Silesia Stadium – one of the park's greatest attractions.

b) choose the opposite direction and go to the Rosarium – a vast rose garden with a large lawn, pond, and thousands of roses blooming from spring to autumn. Kids can test the local playground and the adults can relax in a picturesque, colourful environmnet.

Make a walk with your children even more attractive and let them play on the grass, kick a ball around, ride a bike, roller-blade or take your dog for a walk.

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