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Silesia Park in Numbers

+ 3 million – Silesia Park annual attendance

30 000 rose plants at the Rosarium – one of Europe's largest gardens of this kind

620 meters of routes (46 obstacles, 39 platforms and 8 flying foxes) at the Silesian Rope Park

336 species of animals at the Silesian Zoological Garden

100 members – Silesia Park Volunteers Academy, a social project dedicated to senior citizens

40 attractions for the whole family at the Amusement Park – including the double-looped roller coaster

35 sculptures at the open-air Gallery of Silesian Sculpture

23 meters diameter – the dome of the Silesia Planetarium.

15 km/h – the speed with which the railway travels through Silesia Park

2200 meters – length of the Elka cable car ride

5 m/s – Elka's top speed

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